Social Recognition

Timely, public employee recognition is consistently named as the number one catalyst for increased engagement and performance. Imagine an intuitive platform that allows you to give immediate peer-to-peer recognition, which reinforces values and celebrates company culture every day. Kudos® Social Recognition is an affordable and accessible Social Recognition solution, fully supported by Gift Innovations.


Using Social to your advantage

Kudos® harnesses the best features of social media with the peace of mind of a secure and private system. The nature of this social recognition platform encourages high recognition frequency and unlimited recipients with clear visibility of recognition given. There is an emphasis on all employees being recognised across multiple departments and locations.


Thanks aligned to core values

Encourage employees to recognise one another for actions and qualities which align with your core values. Kudos® gives your organisation an online, branded central hub for celebrating value-based, employee achievements. Kudos® has the right balance of features needed to consistently promote values to your employees.


Optional points and rewards

Kudos® is a recognition first solution with optional rewards. The system allows you to activate points and offer customisable and flexible rewards. These can include affordable products, services and experiences that matter to your employees. Gift Innovations can help you to choose the most suitable rewards for your programme and provide tax-efficient solutions for your company.




Cloud-based for simplicity, security and scalability

Kudos® is a cloud-based solution making recognition simple, scalable, secure and affordable. Real time reports track and measure data generated by Kudos®, which measures engagement. Kudos integrates easily with other productivity tools, helping you to build a sharing, collaborative community.


Gift Innovations – your partner for success

As the Kudos® partner in Ireland, Gift Innovations offers set-up, training and support for successful Kudos® implementation. We assist with budgets, planning, customisation and uploading users. Our Kudos® workshops help to incorporate company core values into your recognition programme and we provide ongoing support and training to system administrators.



Request a Kudos® Trial

Gift Innocations offers your company a 30 Day Kudos Free Trial. You will access the full features of Kudos and you can invite users to join the trial. Gift Innovations will also offer a complimentary Kudos workshop.

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