Service Awards

Does your service award process need some inspiration? Service awards help employees to develop a deeper connection with your company and they have a positive impact on your company as a whole. Gift Innovations can transform your service awards, making them truly memorable moments for all your employees.

Service Award programmes

Your branded and customised Service Award programme is presented on RewardNet®, our cloud-based rewards portal. Employees are notified of their awards and offered a wide choice of gifts, which they can select anywhere, any time. Our points-based programme gives employees the option of selecting multiple gifts, which is very popular among employees.


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We offer a wide choice of quality reward options in our programmes. These tangible gifts include digital items, travel and house-hold gifts, mixed with classic pieces for a balanced and varied choice. The connection between the company and the award is stronger when the award is tangible. It serves as a reminder to the recipient of your gesture and their achievement.

Tax-Free Long Service Awards

In addition to the Small Benefit Exemption, Revenue offers generous tax relief on Long Service Awards only when the awards take the form of tangible gifts. The allowance is €50 for each year of service, starting at 20 years of service, and every 5 years thereafter. See: Tax-relief on Long Service Awards


HR Support

Your service award programme is up and running in no-time! Your branded programme includes a personalised online message for each award recipient. We offer template notifications and certificates of appreciation to enhance the recognition process.

We think of every step, from the service award notification to its presentation, ensuring that your message is communicated and that your employees feel valued for their years of service to your company.

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