RewardNet® is our highly flexible rewards portal easily adapted to your recognition needs. This is an ideal solution for acknowledging milestones or for saying ‘Thank You’ to employees by offering them a wide choice of quality reward options.

Your branded and customised programme is presented on the RewardNet® platform. Employees are notified of their awards and offered a wide choice of quality reward options, which they can select anywhere, any time and on all devices.

You can offer your employees a multiple choice of non-monetary gifts starting from €25 Incl. VAT. Our popular points-based programmes give employees the option of selecting one gift or multiple gifts to the total value of their points allocation. This offers employees great choice and flexibility.



Your reward programme is up and running in no-time! We anticipate every step, from the award notification to its presentation, ensuring that your message is communicated both online and offline and that your employees feel valued.

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