Reward Programmes

Employees want to be rewarded for the efforts and their successes deserve to be celebrated. At Gift Innovations we have the expertise combined with intuitive tools and premium rewards that will help you achieve your recognition objectives and goals.

Recognise and celebrate your employees by offering them a wide choice of Premium Rewards. Reward programmes are tailored to your needs and accessed by employees using RewardNet®, our customisable rewards platform.

You can offer your employees a multiple choice of non-monetary gifts starting from €25 Incl. VAT. Our popular points-based programmes give employees the option of selecting one gift or multiple gifts to the total value of their points allocation. This offers employees great choice and flexibility.



Gift Innovations manages the entire process: from creating your customised programme to sending employee notifications and delivering the selected gifts. Our employee reward programmes are implemented in leading companies nationwide. We typically design programmes to celebrate and recognise the following milestones and achievements:



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