Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Giving peers the ability to recognise one another allows a company to tap into the prime driver of employee engagement. With a peer-to-peer recognition programme employees can say ‘thank you’ to anybody in your company. It enables them to acknowledge the work of other employees who make a real difference to your company, and to reward their special contribution.

Peer-to-peer recognition

Kudos Social Recognition gives your team a formal place to recognise and appreciate one another daily. It offers built-in functionality that ties peer recognition back to company values and reinforces the behaviours that mean success for your organisation.


Manager-to-peer recognition

When an employee does something truly special, they deserve recognition that stands out. Kudos Social Recognition facilitates a positive, top-down recognition programme with Kudos Awards. You designate who in your company has permission to send them, including managers and supervisors. They can also include badges customised to your company’s brand and culture.




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