10 Reasons to Choose Tangible Service Awards

April 8th, 2016
Ann Lyons by Ann Lyons



A good Service Award is a symbol of appreciation, which continues to speak long after it has been awarded. This is amplified when the award takes the form of a tangible gift for many reasons. Here are Gift Innovations’ top 10 reasons for choosing tangible Service Awards:


  1. The connection between the company and the award is stronger when the award is tangible
  2. Tangible gifts are visible – this makes it easy for recipients to speak about their achievements
  3. Tangible gifts continue to serve as a reminder to the recipient of your gesture and their achievements long after the award is received
  4. Tangible awards allow the recipient to choose a gift that they would not normally justify purchasing for themselves
  5. There is no monetary value associated with tangible gifts
  6. Revenue’s Small Benefit Allowance (€500) applies to tangible gifts
  7. Revenue offers additional tax relief on Long Service Awards only when the awards take the form of tangible gifts: €50 for each year of service, starting at 20 years and every 5 years thereafter
  8. You can get real value for your money by offering a range of tangible gifts to employees
  9. Gifts are received – they are opened and enjoyed: some gift cards are never redeemed – many are never redeemed in full
  10. Finally, remember that Service Awards are special milestones: do not confuse them with performance incentives or compensation
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